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A Brief Guide To The 4 Most Common Reasons For Neck Pain After A Car Accident

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on A Brief Guide To The 4 Most Common Reasons For Neck Pain After A Car Accident

If you were involved in a car accident recently and you start experiencing neck pain after the accident, you need to see a doctor immediately. Seeing a doctor immediately can help link the neck pain to your accident, which is helpful if you want to pursue financial compensation later. Here are the four most common medical complications that follow car accidents that lead to neck pain; your doctor should be able to let you know which one you are suffering from. #1 Strained Muscles When your body experiences the trauma of being thrown around at high speeds in a car accident, one of the most common consequences is muscle strain. Your muscles go into overdrive in an attempt to protect your neck and spine from further disc and joint damage. So it is not uncommon to have strained muscles, which can be quite painful, after a car accident.  #2 Herniated Disc Your spine and spinal nerves are protected by small, soft discs. These discs help keep your neck aligned with your spine and prevent your neck from turning in directions that would cause you pain. When you get into a car accident, the force of the accident can cause the discs that protect your spine and neck to break or to bulge. When your discs bulge or break, they press into your nerves, which can cause intense pain. A herniated disc can also cause feelings of numbness in your back and neck as well.  #3 Injured Facet Joint Facet joint pain is often confused with strained muscles. Facet joint pain usually occurs along with an injury to the discs in your neck. The pain is usually concentrated on one side of your neck. Often, the area where the pain is coming from can also be tender to the touch as well. #4 Nerve Damage Finally, nerve damage can occur in your neck following a car accident. Often time, nerve pain occurs because of a herniated disc or bone spur from an accident. Nerve damage can be progressive; it can creep up on you. It can also be very debilitating if not addressed right away. If you are experiencing any neck pain following a car accident, get medical help right away to figure out what is behind your neck pain. After you seek medical help, get in touch with an attorney, such as those that offer personal injury by Lawrence Ryder Litigation Law Professional Corporation, who can ensure that you are compensated fairly for your medical bills, rehabilitation and lost...

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Do You Want To Win A Divorce At All Costs?

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Do You Want To Win A Divorce At All Costs?

Just about nobody goes into a divorce because they’re happy with their marriage. Because of the bad feelings involved, divorce can often become a contest to get one last win over your spouse. However, going all out to win can end up hurting you much more than getting back at your spouse is worth. Here are some of the costs to taking an aggressive approach to a divorce and how you can avoid them. What a Divorce Battle Can Cost You Most people go into a divorce expecting to spend a ton of money on legal fees. In nearly all cases, it does make sense to pay a lawyer to protect your interests. However, there are generally two structures to legal fees for divorce. The first is a small flat fee to prepare and review all of the documents when the spouses are in general agreement on all of the issues. The second is an hourly fee to handle contested court hearings. The more issues you decide to fight about, and the harder you fight to win everything possible on each issue, the more work your lawyer will need to do and the higher your bill will be. What You Get Emotionally When a judge rules in your favor, you will feel a sense of satisfaction. Unfortunately, it will be short lived. Soon, you’ll be faced with the legal bills and the knowledge that you might have been much better off financially if you hadn’t fought so hard. You’ll also take longer to get over the resentment that built up during the court battle. Option 1: Collaborative Divorce A collaborative divorce gets its name from the fact that you collaborate with your spouse to settle your divorce. The lawyers are just there to help you understand your rights and what is fair and to draft the legal paperwork. While you’ve likely had some serious disagreements with your spouse, many spouses come to realize that it’s much better for themselves to put hard feelings aside and work out a fair arrangement on their own. Option 2: Mediation Mediation is a lower cost, less stressful alternative to fighting in court. When two spouses can’t reach an agreement on their own, the mediator helps them work through their differences so that they can come to an agreement. To learn more about the best way to handle your divorce, contact a local family law attorney like Haber Catherine...

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2 Reasons To Hire A Family Lawyer For An Adoption

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 2 Reasons To Hire A Family Lawyer For An Adoption

A family lawyer is an absolutely indispensable resource when it comes to adoption cases, mostly because he or she can help protect you from some of the issues that can occur when you are attempting to adopt a child. Below are two important reasons to hire a family lawyer to assist you with your adoption. Biological Parent Changes Her Mind A risk that is often present in a private adoption case is that the biological parent will change her mind at some point during her pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. While there is really nothing that you can do to force the biological parent to surrender the child to you, you can still protect yourself from the financial loss that can occur if the biological parent chooses to keep her child. When arranging a private adoption, you will often be agreeing to pay for medical expenses throughout the pregnancy in exchange for being allowed to adopt the child. In some cases, the private adoption arrangement may also call for you to pay for some or all of the pregnant mother’s living expenses as well. All of these expenses will add up very quickly, and  you can easily end up losing all of that money if the biological parent keeps her child and you do not have a lawyer. The way that a lawyer can help is by drawing up a contract stating that you are paying for these expenses in exchange for adopting the child. This contract can then be used in court to force the biological parent to repay you because she did not uphold her part of the contract allow you to adopt the child. Fraudulent Agencies Another risk that can show up when attempting to adopt a child is that you will come into contact with a fraudulent or fake adoption agency. These adoption agencies can often appear legitimate, but once you start paying them money they will often disappear without helping you to find a child to adopt. These types of fraudulent agencies are especially common when attempting to adopt a child from another country. A lawyer can help you with this issue by either investigating any adoption agencies that you come into contact with before you pay the agency anything or by referring you to agencies that the lawyer’s firm has worked with over the years.  Speak to a family lawyer as soon as possible if you are interested in adopting a child. A lawyer can make private adoptions and adopting through an agency less risky for you and your family. Contact a legal group like Martin Lawyers for more...

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Social Media Can And Will Be Used Against You In Personal Injury Claims And Appeals

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Social Media Can And Will Be Used Against You In Personal Injury Claims And Appeals

If you have experienced an injury in an accident, staying in touch with people via social media can be gratifying. You can keep people up to date on your recovery and maintain some sort of communication even if you’re housebound. But be aware that your friends are not the only ones seeing your posts. Lawyers for the other side and for your insurance company will be monitoring those posts as well. The wrong post could give the wrong impression — and result in your claims for compensation being denied. Claim Denial in Canada Over the years it’s gotten more difficult to have a claim, such as a car injury claim, approved so that you can get medical treatment. CBC News reported in 2011 that appeals for denied claims could take at least 10 to 11 months to be heard, meaning that people needing medical treatment had to wait that long to see if they could get the costs of the treatment covered. Otherwise, they had to pay for them themselves. That means it’s especially important not to give insurance companies and courts the wrong impression regarding your injury. Social media has turned into the perfect place to give them that wrong impression, because those photos and posts are seen far and wide. Thanks to features like sharing and retweeting, plus varying privacy controls that allow others outside your particular group to see your posts, anything you post can eventually be uncovered and viewed by lawyers and insurance investigators. You must be extremely careful about what you post. If you can’t avoid social media, at least talk to a personal injury lawyer about what information should be kept off the networks. The lawyer can give you an idea of what’s appropriate to post and what’s not, and if you have questions about particular information, the lawyer can help you determine if you should stay silent or not. For example, if you’re claiming that you need therapy for a leg injury that prevents you from walking long distances, and you move to a new neighborhood, you don’t want to talk about how you’re enjoying how walkable your new neighborhood is. That makes it look like you’re walking everywhere, and thus lying about being unable to walk a lot. On the other hand, it might be acceptable to mention that the new neighborhood is walkable and that you’re hoping to be able to take walks when recovered. But again, you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer about whether that’s an acceptable post. The Friend Factor The people you communicate with over social media can also be an issue. You can’t control what your friends do. Even if everything you do is perfect and is totally in line with your claim of injury, one of your friends could post a picture from before your accident, for example, that shows you doing something that makes it look like you’re not injured. If the picture or post is dated correctly, or your friend states immediately that this information was from before your accident, that’s one thing. But if anything makes it look like the picture or post is from after your accident, it could be misinterpreted. Talk to a good personal injury lawyer about what to do in this case. It could be...

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The Benefits Of Real Estate Lawyers

Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Benefits Of Real Estate Lawyers

If you are buying or selling a home, then you know that a lot of money is going to be changing hands. In many cases, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how different procedures work and what is legal and what is not. If you aren’t intimately familiar with real estate dealings, you might even lose a lot of money unnecessarily. To prevent that from happening, you should consider hiring a real estate lawyer. What can a real estate lawyer do for you? Hiring a real estate lawyer to finalize the transaction is a good idea, but their services extend far beyond that. In fact, if you are hiring a real estate lawyer only at the very end of the negotiations, then it might be too late. Real estate lawyers can help you handle:  Fees Passed on from the Seller to the Buyer – If you are buying a house, a real estate lawyer can help you determine the legality of certain fees that the buyer is passing on to you. For instance, the buyer might suggest that you need to pay some fraction of the property taxes before you move in, but you might have no legal obligation whatsoever to do so. Various types of warranties may be offered, and you might not know which are legit and which are not. Without a real estate lawyer, you might get tricked and end up paying thousands that you don’t need to. Legal Phrasing – In legal documents, there’s a good chance that you won’t pick up on specific words and phrases that have drastically different meanings than you are used to. Words that seem like synonyms can actually mean the difference between paying thousands of dollars and paying nothing. Understanding and explaining the differences between easements and encroachments or the role of encumbrances is one of the primary functions of a real estate lawyer. When Should You Hire a Real Estate Lawyer? You don’t need to hire a real estate lawyer as soon as you begin looking for houses. During that initial stage, you will probably spend more money on lawyer fees than you stand to save from their expertise. However, once you pick some homes to seriously consider, you might want to begin thinking about hiring one. Having a lawyer to help walk you through every step of the process can be the difference between the purchase of a lifetime and a decision that you’ll regret for a lifetime. To learn more about hiring a real estate lawyer, contact a firm like Lee Roche & Kerr Real Estate...

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3 Reasons You Should Hire An Employment Lawyer To Settle Work Related Disputes

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Reasons You Should Hire An Employment Lawyer To Settle Work Related Disputes

Employer and employee relationships sometimes take a turn for the worst. Luckily, when you’ve been wronged as an employee, an employment lawyer is there to help you stand up against your employer and get the treatment you deserve. What exactly can an employment lawyer help you with though? Here’s a look at the services one provides. Access Your Employment Contract Even if you haven’t been wronged yet, it can never hurt to have a legal professional glance over your employment contract before you start working for a company or even if you’re renegotiating. This can protect you from the pitfalls of fancy wording in your contract that can give your employer legal immunity in certain situations if they happen to wrong you. In fact, your lawyer can serve as an helpful advisor to make sure you get the most protection out of making a contract with your employer.  Tell You If You Should Pursue Going To Court Sometimes, however, you simply don’t have the foresight or funds to hire a lawyer to mediate you through making an employment contract. In this case, legally there is sometimes just nothing you can do should your employer wrong you in some way. This can lead you to pursuing a costly legal battle which you may lose, leaving you out money and put you even further at odds with your employer whether they be present or former. Also, with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer you can possibly still find other options even if you don’t have a very good case for a judge.  Mediate Tense Negotiations Chances are if you have been wronged by your employer, speaking to their attorney can be an ordeal in itself. Emotions are already running high for both parties, so coming to any sort of agreement might simply be impossible on your own. However, an employment lawyer can argue on your behalf in a calm, collected manner, which will help you get the best settlement without driving yourself over the edge. Just remember, if you’re too frustrated, you might even settle for a lackluster deal just so you can put it all behind you. Simply put, a good employment lawyer won’t let you settle for second-best and will always do their best to make sure you get the justice you deserve. So, as you can see, with an employment lawyer you are putting yourself one step ahead in dealing with legal dispute with an employer. Don’t get caught unaware of your rights. Call a law firm like Cunningham Law Professional Corporation...

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Tips For Preparing For The Adoption Process

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When you come to the decision to adopt a child, the process ahead can seem daunting. Whether you’ve already started the process or you’re still considering the details, it’s important to ensure that you’re prepared both emotionally and legally. Here’s a look at some of the things you should keep in mind to make the process easier for you and your family. Have Open Discussions About Adoption Before you submit the paperwork for the adoption, take some time to talk with your loved ones about it. Although you may have been weighing out this option for some time, your extended family may not be aware. Keep in mind that when you welcome a child into your home, the decision affects your extended family as well. Just as you would tell your family members if you were pregnant, you should also share your adoption intentions. Retain a Family Law Attorney There are many different methods that you can consider for adoption. Whether you’re thinking about working with an agency or negotiating a private adoption, you need to ensure that the entire process is legal and binding. Working with a family law attorney can help you do just that. The attorney can also help you with any application paperwork or background investigations that have to happen before you can work with an agency. Maximize Your Resources You’ll want to build a network of support before your adoption is final. You may find that having consultations with a pediatrician, social worker and counselor can help you understand what is ahead. By scheduling these appointments early in the process, it gives you the chance to establish a solid network of support to help your new family member adjust to the changes. Verify Your Available Family Leave Depending on where you work, your family leave may be different for adoptions. Make sure that you check with your employer before you sign the papers so that you know exactly how much time you’ll have to spend with your child before you have to return to work. You should also confirm whether you will be paid during this period. Some companies offer unpaid leave, which can come as a shock to your budget. If you have any questions about the legality of the leave period, an attorney like Feltmate Delibato Heagle LLP Employment Law may be able to tell you what the law requires. The better prepared you are from the early stages of your adoption process, the easier the whole process is likely to be for you and your family. With these tips and the support of an attorney, you can be welcoming a new family member with the confidence that everything is as it should...

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Why You Should File Your Tax Returns, Even If They Are Years Old

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If you have not filed your taxes in many years, this indicates that for some reason, the CRA has either not noticed that you haven’t paid your taxes or hasn’t gotten around to contacting you. But they will contact you and the decision not to file your taxes can be very expensive. Missing several years will make it much more likely that you will be audited. You will need to file your taxes and come up with a plan for paying your tax debt. Not Filing Can Be Expensive You will not receive a tax refund if you have not filed your taxes in more than three years. There are various other reasons why failing to pay your taxes can get expensive, including the fact that your taxes begin to collect interest. You may also face criminal prosecution. You might fear filing your return late because you believe this will draw attention to yourself. But with the improved methods used by the CRA to locate gaps in tax return filing, they will know who you are regardless. You Can Avoid Prosecution If you file your returns and pay the debt that you owe, you will be much less likely to be prosecuted for not having filed your returns on time in the past. What you have done is still against the law, and you will want to consider getting in contact with a tax lawyer to help you sort out the mess. The CRA Won’t Likely Threaten You Do not be afraid to contact the CRA. They do not threaten jail time with those who are cooperative and will also provide extensions for filing tax returns. When it comes time for you to pay your taxes, they will allow you to sign up for a payment plan. If you feel anxious about talking to the CRA, you can also hire a tax attorney to communicate with them. Things Might Not Be So Bad The good news is that if you haven’t been contacted by the CRA yet, one possible reason is that they actually owe you money. You may also be able to avoid fees and simply pay the amount you owe through the voluntary disclosure program. You will have to fill out the RC199 form. Canada also offers taxpayer relief programs that allow you to negotiate how much you are required to pay in taxes. Then, you will create a payment schedule. However, you should only negotiate an amount that you are certain you will be able to pay because if you default, you will be forced to pay the amount in full. For that reason, it is best to enter into this agreement with the help of a tax...

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You Got Into An Auto Accident While Working, So Is Your Employer Liable?

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At some point during your job, you may be delegated a task that involves driving somewhere, or your primary job function may involve driving. It could be as simple as driving to the office supply store for some materials, or hauling cargo across the country. If an accident occurs while you are driving for work related purposes, your employer may be liable for the following reasons. Negligence By The Employer When an employer hires somebody to perform a job that primarily involves driving a vehicle, the employer is responsible for making sure their employee will be able to drive safely. An example of this would be a trucking company that hires drivers to operate their vehicles. The employer is responsible for verifying that all their drivers have a valid commercial driver’s license. They may even need to take it one step further and request periodic drug testing to ensure they are not driving under the influence of any substances. If the employer is a restaurant that has delivery drivers, they would should check the employees driving history to verify that they are a safe driver. Negligence Due To Lack of Supervision Employers can also be responsible if an accident occurs during company time due to a lack of supervision, or lack of compliance with vehicle safety laws. Trucking companies must follow rules regarding how cargo is loaded and secured on a truck, and how much weight a truck can carry. An employer must personally verify that cargo meets the legal requirements, or make employees aware of the laws that they should be following. When an employer does not supervise an employee, or give them guidance in regards to safety procedures, the employer will be responsible for an accident that directly results from that inaction. Vicarious Liability In situations that have vicarious liability, an employer is not required to act negligent in either of the previous two ways. The law states that the employer is liable because they requested the employee to perform a task that eventually caused an accident. You may work a desk job that doesn’t involve driving, but you were requested to run an office errand where you drove to an office supply store. If you got into an auto accident while performing that specific task, the employer is responsible due to vicarious liability. If you got into an accident performing anything other than the assigned task, such as getting your lunch for the day after performing the errand, the employer would not be responsible. When an accident occurs that you feel your employer is liable for, contact a lawyer, like those at Hilborn & Konduros, for legal advice. They will be able to look at your specific situation, and advise you on what kind of action to...

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3 Tips To Prove Your Home Is Safe For Your Child During A Child Custody Battle

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If you are currently fighting for custody of your child, you know just how nasty these cases can be. In many cases, once amicable ex-spouses can do everything in their power to make the other parent look bad, just so that they can get custody of their son or daughter. Emotions and tensions can run high during these cases, and you never know what could be said about you in court. For example, some people try to claim that their child’s other parent is an unfit parent or does not have a safe and comfortable home for the child to live in. If this claim has been made against you, or if you fear that your child’s other parent might say that your home isn’t a safe place for your little one to live, then you need to do what you can to fight these accusations. These are a few tips for proving that your home is safe and comfortable for your little one so that you can protect yourself when you go to court. 1. Keep Your Home Inspection-Ready at All Times You never know when the authorities might come and check out your home to ensure that it is a good place for your son or daughter to live, so you have to ensure that it is inspection-ready all the time. Make sure that you keep it clean and sanitary, and purchase any furniture or appliances that you might need. Get into a good cleaning routine to ensure that your home is ready for company at any moment. 2. Take Pictures They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so save some of your words while you are in court and allow photographs to prove your point. Take pictures of the inside and outside of your home to show that it is in good condition and is safe for your little one. 3. Provide References It’s always a good thing to have other people to back you up when you are dealing with a child custody battle. Have friends, family members, the parents of your child’s friends and more serve as references if needed so that they can attest that you keep a clean, comfortable and safe home. It can be tough to defend yourself when you have been accused of not providing a good place for your child to live, but following these tips can help you during this nasty part of a child custody battle. Plus, hiring a good lawyer can help you in all aspects of your child custody case and can provide you with the moral support that you need. For more information, contact Donald B Phelps Law or a similar...

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